Sex Blogging Superheroes Assemble!

Hey guys!

Summer seems to have slipped through our fingers and chucked autumn onto us, without warning BUT on a better not,’s fantastic Sex Blogging Superhero’s top 100 has come back blogging super hero

This is the 4th year that Kinkly has be running this brilliant recognition achievement and I have gratefully been mentioned in the 100, on two (2013 2014) of those occasions and I would love to be able to reach a 3rd occasion but I’m going to need your help!

If you like my blog, interested in my posts, whether be it reviews, guides or general topics or I have assisted you with gaining insight to anything sex related…..then you may well be happy or willing enough to drop me 1 simple little vote by visiting and selecting the ‘click here to vote‘ button.

Rules are that each voted for blogger, needs to achieve a minimum of 5 votes by October 9th 2016.  But don’t stop there, share my blog, tell your friends, scream to the world and let people know, as there are a multitude of categories our blogs will be sectioned into.

If you are reading this and have voted, I really do appreciate the time you have taken, it truly does me a lot to me.

But don’t just stop at me, check out the other bloggers on the list, share the love!



Thank you





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