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Happy new year to all my readers and I hope you’ve enjoyed your Christmas and NYE’s holiday!  I’ve packed away the decorations, found what little space I have to put my goodies away in and have rapidly moved on to the thought of Valentines Day.  Who would have thought that we’d be focusing on February 14th, so soon?  I’m not entirely sure what Mr. Monkey and I will have planned but I can be you it will involve candles, wine and lots of spanktastic delights!

LoveYourselfOnline have kindly sent me some wonderful naughty goodies that I thought I would share these with you.  There are great little fun ideas within these bundles, that would be superb for a romantic evening in with your partner.  I’m pretty chuffed with these items too, as I feel companies should cater more in the way of affordable bundles and not just at certain times of the year.

Let’s face it, although Valentines Day is all about the romance, to me it’s an excuse to break out the kinky fun (but I don’t need an excuse for this, Mr Monkey does though!) and I personally feel that you don’t need to spend big bucks to enjoy an evening with your partner. I do like a good excuse to break out that corny-fun-gal that’s deep down inside me and this is where I thrive with gathering fun-sexy-type games.

I have been sent 3 Valentines day bundles, which are all in different price ranges and, in my opinion, on the affordable side.


The Little Romantic Set which costs £9.99 GBP.  This bundle includes the following items:

  • Karma Sutra Game (RRP £4.95)
  • Monogamy Candle – Scent of your choice (RRP £5.48) VALENTINES DAY
  • Rose Petals (RRP £3.00)

This is a a fun little set and saves you nearly £4.00, which is a decent deal.  The rose petals are synthetic and fragrance free but you can spray a little perfume on them and it lasts.

The Karma Sutra game is exciting and easy to play.  You can 3 decks of cards, all with directions and explanations on, and you follow.  Mix and match certain cards and put them in the wallet of the first deck and then play!  This is fantastic as a little Valentines Day  ‘hide and seek’ game, especially if you both want to push your boundaries.

You can purchase this bundle >>here<<


The Little Cheeky Set which costs £14.99 GBP.  This bundle includes the following items:

  • Sex Card Game – (RRP £5.48)
  • Monogamy Candle – Scent of your choice (RRP £5.48) valentines day
  • Fetish Fantasy Series Satin Love Mask – black –  (RRP £6.60)

This set, I find a little more daring in the bedroom-antics-area.  If you’re not too confident with sexual positions and want to try different scenarios, then the ‘Sex Card Game’ in this set is the perfect excuse to push the boat out.  You are given ‘difficulty ratings’ of the positions and over 50 different positions to try, you can also turn this into 3 different naughty little games.

I’ve played the Sex Card Game, many times and I have to admit that it helped me over come my nerves and I jumped right in!  I may have had a teeny bit of dutch courage but I enjoyed it.

You can purchase this bundle >>here<<.


The Little Saucy Set which costs £19.99 GBP.  This bundle includes the following items:

  • RO 80mm Rocks Off Bullet – 7 speed – (RRP £12.65)  valentines day
  • Monogamy Candle – Scent of your choice (RRP £5.48)
  • Hump The Game – (RRP £8.99)

This is the set that I would highly recommend, if you are looking for something a little more intriguing.

Hump the Game is much different to the 2 card games that are mentioned in the other 2 bundles.  It’s like Sex Ed meets Trivia Pursuit and is a mixture of facts, jokes and naughty positions.  It’s pretty straight forward to play; there are 4 decks (unique experiences, foreplay, sex positions & down n dirty) and a pin wheel that you spin to select which ever card deck.  Spin, pick card and answer correctly to keep the card, winner is the first to get 10 cards.  The winner then gets to pick whichever sexual scenario that they have within their cards.

If you know me, you’ll know that I simply adore the sex toy brand, Rocks Off Ltd and their RO 80mm bullets.  There isn’t anything you can say, to swerve me away from any of the RO 80mm’s, they are fantastic little clitoral sex toys and a must have!

You can purchase this bundle >>here<<


I am a big fan of massage candles and am happy to see that  in all 3 bundles, features a Monogamy massage candle.  It may look small and it contains 25mg worth but it goes a fair old way.  Once the wax has melted, simply pour a small drop on your partner and let it melt into the skin as you massage.  I find the soya wax that is used in these candles, melts slowly and is rather cool on contact with the skin.  These candles are also great for leaving your skin feeling soft, revived and smelling amazing.

Of course you don’t need a naughty bundle to ignite your senses but if you would like them, these are fab little ideas if you want an added ‘little something’.

Loveyourself provide free postage for all orders over £10.00 GBP and their packaging is very discreet and secure.  I’ve always received my orders within 2 days of purchasing and have never experienced any issues.

You can get 10% OFF your purchases over on Loveyourselfonline with my unique discount code at the checkout: NAUGHTY10.









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