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Being a 30 something (more mid than early) woman in her prime and searching for adventure and excitement, I felt that writing was definitely the correct path for me.

I continuously had a feeling that ‘part of me’ was missing and my sex life wasn’t 100% fulfilling.  Don’t get me wrong, sex wasn’t bad, it just didn’t hit the nail on the head.  When I started my blog adventure, I didn’t really know what I wanted to get out of it but after my first year of publishing the Naughty Corner, I was finding myself (again).  I ventured into fetishism with both eyes wide open and tried new avenues of interest.  This is when I discovered my love for wax and the whole ‘Pain Pleasure’ desire.

But why name my blog the ‘Naughty Corner’?  A  years back, I had a really comfortable armchair that was sat in the corner of my bedroom.  It was my (then) partner’s and I, favorite place to fuck.  This was nicknamed the ‘Naughty Corner’, which I felt was apt for an interpretation of a blog name.  Nothing too exciting but felt I should share how I came to my website name.

Along the way, I have picked up many useful hints and tips, which hopefully I am able to pass onto my readers and website visitors.

With my blog, I will be bringing you honest, thorough and up-to-date reviews of sex toys and other related adult products.  In doing this, I hope to point my readers in the right direction.

I am a UK based sex toy review blogger but I am open to reviewing other products that may push the boundaries to what is deemed naughty.  However, on occasion, you may find the odd beauty or candle items appearing within these pages.

You will  also find the latest and current promotions from online adult product retailers that kindly sponsor the Naughty Corner, or competitions.  At times there will be generous donations of naughty goodies that I feel I need to share with my readers.  After all, caring is sharing!

Not only do I review sex toy and adult products, I like to dabble with the prospects of (attempted) fictional writing.


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  2. Hi,

    Great blog, just wanted to subscribe.

  3. Hi Jenine, thank you and I hope I can keep you occupied with my writing x

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