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I have put together a list of major cities, throughout the UK and general information about them and sex facts. 


Sex shop London

The capital of England, London has a lot to offer with it’s museums, nightlife and history.  Fancy a night out, then pop into Soho or hop over to Leicester square for a meal and a film.  There is always something to keep you on your toes, especially with their wide array of adult sex toy stores.

In inner London, people spend 1.7 times the national average on fetish clothing for men, as well as spending 1.4 times the national average on stockings and tights, kinky!

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Sex shop Manchester

This city not only has one of the best shopping centres in the UK, it is also home to the infamous curry mile and famous for it’s 2 renowned football teams, Man Utd and Man City. That’s a right mouthful and a half!

If that wasn’t a quick insight into this glamorous northern delight of a city, then you maybe interested to know that Manchester residents spend around 3.6 times the average on sexy heels and boots from Adult sex toy shops and stores and 3.4 times the average on Going out clobber and clothing.

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Sex shop Leeds

Once the capital for industrial work, Leeds is now renowned for it’s cosmopolitan night life, shopping and culture (although, more museums are accessible by rail, if you pop along to York).

Citizens of Leeds spend 1.2 times the national average on anal sex toys, butt plugs and better anal sex products such as lubricants and 1.1 the national average on bras and bra sets.  It’s safe to say that this City isn’t shy about their sexual antics!

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Sex shop Liverpool

Liverpool is the founding home to the Beatles and the registered port of the Titanic.  In 2008, Liverpool held the title of being the European Capital of Culture, due to it’s architectural, artistic and musicality over the years.  This city was also the first place in England, with the first provincial airport in the 1930’s, it was also the first to be renamed in honour of John Lennon.

Did you also know that Liverpool sanctioned the first school for the blind in the UK.

Liverpool spends 1.7 the national average on dildos and 1.6 times the average on sex toy essentials, such as lubricants, condoms and hygienic washes. Wow!

This city is definitely rocking, especially with Liverpool being one of the main places of sex toy retail.

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Sex shop Birmingham

Birmingham is the home town of the one and only Ozzy Osbourne, it is also know for it’s acceptance of the lesbian and gay community.  The Birmingham Gay Village can be found next to the Chinese quarter, where you will find LGBT-friendly businesses, sex shops and a lively nightlife which includes drag queen clubs and adult entertainment.

But did you also know that the people of Birmingham spend nearly twice the national average on Adult DVDs and 1 x the national average of sexual health goodies for women.

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Sex shop Bristol

It’s all about the bridge!  That is the Clifton Suspension Bridge and is attributed to the British civil engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel,  This city is also the home to the famous and controversial graffiti artist, known as Banksy.

Bristol is also home to a large proportion of transgender and transsexual adults within the UK.

People in Bristol spend 2.8 more times than average on their sex lives, pretty easy when you live in a city that is known for it’s popular sales of adult products.  They also spend 3.3 times of the average sales on butt plugs and anal sex toys, sexy gifts such as naughty lingerie, flavored body paints and much much more!

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Sex shop Nottingham

Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen, Robin Hood, Robin Hood, with his band of men…….yes you got it, Nottingham is renowned for it’s story of the Legendary Robin Hood!  But did you know that during the Industrial Revolution, this city obtained major recognition for it’s tobacco, lace-making and bicycle production industries.

Nottingham holds 3.2 times the national average spending on Adult DVDS (yes folks, porn!) and 3.4 times the national average on condom purchases.  So you could say this is one of the ‘safest cities’, when it comes to sex and pleasure. have a wide range of condoms and sexual health products on sale, why not check them out?


Sex shop Cardiff

This Welsh city is the capital of Wales and the 9th biggest city in the UK.  It is home to the likes of Colin Jackson, Shirley Bassey, Roald Dahl and Charlotte Church. Of course, we can’t forget that Cardiff was award the European Capital of Sport in 2014!

Cardiff spends 2 times the national average on Adult DVDs and 1.7 times the national average on safer sex essentials, such as condoms.  Let’s face it, these locals like to play safe, good on them! have a wide range of condoms and sexual health products on sale, why not check them out?  And as a bonus, they are based in Cardiff.


Sex shop Newcastle

This city is renowned for many thing; Football, famous football players throughout the years, bridges, the first chain of Gregg bakery stores opening and of course, lets not forget ‘Ant and Dec’.  Who can forget Bikergrove, all those years ago?

There maybe a high abundance of retail sex shops, available for the residents of Newcastle but they spend 0.4 times the national average on their sex lives overall!  Maybe that Newcastle Brown Ale is getting in the way?

They spend 0.6 times the national average on male fetish wear and 0.6 times the national average on anal sex products.

Come on Newcastle, get some umpth into your bedrooms!

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Sex shop Oxford

This grand old city is mainly known for it’s elaborate University, which originally didn’t allow women to attend until 1878!  But did you know that Alice in Wonderland, was based on a lady called Alice Lidell (lived in Oxford), who was the daughter to the Dean at Christ Church, who was a friend of Lewis Carroll.

Oxford homes one of the bigger chains of sex toy retailers, along with an array of transgender residents.

On a whole, residents of Oxford spend 2.1 times the average on Anal sex toys and a whooping 2.1 on Bondage gear.  Who knew that within the confines of a highly educated city, lurks a kinky community!

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sex shop Aberdeen

Robert Davidson of Aberdeen is recognized for his pioneering work in developing electric motors in the early 19th Century, without him, would we have the vibrators that we have grown to love? Just a thought.

On a whole, Aberdeen residence have a kinky side!  What with them spending 2.7 times the national average on male fetish gear and 2.1 times the national average on sexy heels and boots.  Now that’s a fact to be pride of!

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Sex shop Reading

Those who like their history, will like Reading.  This town has a long standing background with the Royals, especially with Queen Elizabeth 1st.  The Abbey is also a place of importance.  Some say that this quirky town, dates as far back as the 8th century.  Let us not forget that this town homes one of the biggest music concerts in the UK, The Reading Festival and also is home to the Reading Beer festival, which is also one of the biggest in the UK.

As for the adult side to Reading, you can find a few strip and pole dancing clubs but the more notorious adult club to visit, is that of the Suga Lounge.  It’s no ordinary adult club, the ladies are of high caliber and the Suga Lounge stands as a VIP club.

Reading’s residents spend 3 times the national average on their bedroom antics (cor-blimey!) and 3.4 times the national average on sexy underwear, bras and knickers sets!

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Sex shop Derby

So what is Derby known for?  This working man’s city, was one of the places that set in motion the industrial revolution and later bringing in the Rolls Royce and Rail Way engineering factories.  In turn, this produced jobs for the poor and working class.

Derby is home to the Attic Club, which is the first adult themed club in Europe, to open. A high class adult club, where all your erotic fantasies will come true.  If you are in Derby and fancy a kinky night out, then dress for success and give The Attic Club a go.

On a whole, the residents of Derby spend 2 times the national average of fetish wear for men and 1.7 times the national average of fetish clothing for women.

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Sex shop Coventry

Here’s a little known fact for all you Eastender fans; Declan Bennett , who plays Dot Cotton’s grandson, Nick Cotton, comes from Coventry.  He was also in the Boy Band ‘Point Break’ from 1999 – 2000.

Would you be surprised to hear that Coventry has a very live dogging scene?  Well, it does and people will travel from outside this town, to attend popular sexually active sites.

On a whole, the residents of Coventry spend 1.4 times the national average on bondage gear and anal sex toys!

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Sex shop Norwich

This homely place is the capital town of Norfolk.  Known mainly for it’s beautiful sites of gardens and theaters, there is a lot to do here.

Norwich is home to the Norfolk Pride, where the LGBT community gather and celebrate, as well as raising awareness and openness of the LGBT society.

Approximately 5.2 times the national average is spent on sexy heels and killer boots! And a whooping 4.7 times the national average is spent on stockings and hosieries.

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Sex shop Portsmouth

Portsmouth (or ‘pompie’) is known for it’s Naval history.  This busy city homes one of the Royal Navy’s dockyards and also has various training bases for those serving in the Royal Navy.

There are also various pole dancing and strip clubs, with various themes, that you can visit.  With it’s busy nightlife, Portsmouth has a lot to offer the adult world.

On a whole, Portsmouth residents spend 2.3 times the national average on clubbing and going out wear (obvious, with this city’s nightlife!) and 2 times the national average on anal sex toys and lubricants.

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