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Kama Xcitra – 3D Hologram sex book

Xcite are kind enough to send me erotica books on a regular basis, to review on their behalf.  So when a new package landed on my door mat the other day, I rushed over to see what delights were here to surprise me. And Surprised, I was!  Actually excited and thrilled, is a better description of how I was feeling. This isn’t just a Kama Sutra sex book, it’s a 3D Hologram sex book!  And it’s available from Xcite books […]

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Reflected in you: A crossfire novel Book Review

Reflected in you in the sequel to Sylvia Day‘s Crossfire novels. We start off where ‘Bared to you‘ left us; with Eva and Gideon continuing their fast paced relationship. To me, the story surrounds a couple who are hugely dependent on each other.  Both with major hang ups from their past, mainly a past of sexual abuse.   Gideon is a 28 year old, successful man, owning half (seems like it) of New York and his fingers in other enterprises.  Eva […]

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Power Play – Miranda Forbes

What an amazing anthology of short stories. Putting a spin on Greek mythology and Hades, as a story to quote as exciting, eluding, clutching and damn right titillating! Some plots put well thought twists into well known stories, others are based around relationships and an urgency for their lovers. It has a little for every one. Power Play puts the best laid plans of BDSM into a good light, stories evolving around the dominance and submissive roles, Dommes coming face […]

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