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COQ-A-TEAL Green 5″ Glass Dildo review

COQ-A-TEAL Green 5" Glass Dildo review

    I’m in awe of the way that glass can be molded into magnificent shapes, especially that of sex toys. Being an admirer of, I was excited to find out that they wanted me to review a dildo from their newest range. Upon arrival, the unassuming Mr. Postie handed me a rectangle shaped box.  None-the-wiser, passing me my package and asked for me to sign and went on his way.  But for me, closing my door and rushing […]

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Sex Toys – Material 101 introduction

Sex Toys - Material 101 introduction

        Rushing in from the mid summer heat into an air conditioned shop front, I really wasn’t prepared for what was about to greet me. A friend had given me an address, he said it was the perfect place to go by myself a ‘rampant rabbit’.  I was thinking that I’d be entering a dark and secluded shoe box, how wrong could I have been! Walking into a sex shop that resembled my local Sainsburys, was not […]

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Blue Heaven – Glass Dildo Review

Clasping the palm of my hand and wrapping my newly manicured nails around it’s hard girth, the Blue Heaven Dildo  tingled my memory senses! A touch of Glass, they are a company that specializes in medically graded Glass sex toys and are based within the UK.  The dildo that I was kindly sent to review is a blue that reminds me of the colour of the sea, off the Cypriot coast, an intense blue.  The light flickers off the Heaven […]

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Fashionistas Glass Bunny Tail (Butt Plug) – Small

Fashionistas Glass Bunny Tail (Butt Plug) - Small

The Fashionistas Glass Bunny Tail, is a small anal plug made from black glass with an overall outstanding presentation of its self. The product packing is made from a see-through plastic, which allows the consumer to view the anal plug and to see the treat that lays in store for him or her! On the back cover of the box, you are shown all 7 products in the Fashionistas range and gives you a small paragraph of what this product […]

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Reflections Glass Wand Cool Review

The Reflections glass Wand Cool is made by Doc Johnsons. It’s made from silvered glass, which has a metallic hue to it. This products design is specifically made to hit the g-spot, with it’s centered curve design and weighty appearance, it’s a dildo not to be messed with! I was sent this toy to review by, upon arrival it was packed securely, addressed appropriately and showed no sign that the parcel came from an adult products company. I am […]

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