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1000 thoughts – Erotica

1000 thoughts - Erotica

Smoothing down my laced up corset, I nervously slipped on my suede 4″ heels and awaited your arrival with anticipation. I could hear my heart pounding away, in rhythm with the heavy rain, that seemed to be vividly stroking the front room window. Hunching my back up, whilst wrapping my dressing gown around me, the cold shivered down my spin. 1000 thoughts running through my head ‘do I look good? Will he like me? Am I wearing the right outfit?’, […]

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Happy National Orgasm Day!

  As today is a National orgasm day, I felt I would share a short(ish) erotic story that I wrote, myself.  Don’t be shy, please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. Happy reading 🙂 _________________________________________________________ Curled up next to the window, looking out into the never-ending drops of water that are hitting the ground with an urgency that I can not explain, I realized he wasn’t coming tonight. Yet again, I’d been let down by him. It […]

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